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I've never walked on water,
I’ve never made a blind man see,
I never think about it,
I just let it be.

I cant be a perfect person,
I just live to be free,
I don’t have much money,
But I know what I see.

The children laugh and play,
While their parents watch and smile,
The elders sit back and pray,
But its only for a little while.

Soon we’ll hear the trumpet sound,
Soon it will be judgment day,
Soon we’ll see Jesus,
Soon we’ll hear Him say,

“Well done…” is what we’ll hear,
“Well done…” as I wipe a tear,
Then as I bow down and take a knee,
My eyes are open so I can see.



Dedicated to Jim Barbetta.
Jim died August 14th after a 2 year battle with Leukemia.
Pray for his wife