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A Friend (A Brother)
I feel lost and Discontent
since the loss of a friend (a brother)
Is the loss his or mine?
I believe it is the latter.
For his belief, the truth in his heart
secured his place in paradise
the same thuth that gives me hope
hope taught by my friend (my brother)
To live the life reflected by his memory
would be a dream come true
A dream that seems so far away
yet seems so close.
His reflected One greater then he,
One he so deired to see,
One proven by his life
even though taken by disease.
Now I believe he is with Christ,
Now he is with Jesus,
Now my hearts desire
is to be there, also
Please Lord, let my life reflect,
reflect the same as his, as Yours.
Let me never forget his joy,
his joy in serving You.
Dedicated to the memory of Jim Barbetta

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