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The Fall


I wake up in the morning,

But I fight to stay asleep,

There is no need for another day.

I don't take what I cannot keep,

I can't get back what I left behind,

And I've left more then I should,

I cannot hide who I am inside.

No matter how hard I try,

The pain shows through.

I thought I put on a good show,

Didn't think anyone could see,

But when you looked into my eyes,

I knew you saw through me.

Then you stood me up,

I saw the light,

You knocked me down,

right back to the ground,

You crushed my heart,

Like a fly on the wall,

You knew what you were doing,

I had to take the fall.

I could have done without the pain,

But it makes me who I am.

The tears don't show,

But the hurt is hard to hide.